Habit Change Coaching Jacqui Tew
with Jacqui Tew

Jacqui’s career in helping others with personal development began with handwriting analysis (graphology), which she successfully practiced for more than 15 years.  Building up a wealth of experience in the complex field of character assessment armed her with the necessary tools to tackle a multi-faceted range  of problems, attitudes and acquired behaviour patterns.

Her interest in addressing lasting habit change was furthered nearly twenty years ago when she added the dimension of life coaching to her skills.  She now helps clients from all walks of life, with all manner of problems.  Jacqui’s strength lies in her ability to encourage her clients to view their behaviour patterns with a fresh eye, and to achieve a positive outcome through developing a real desire for change.

Jacqui lives in Liphook.  For relaxation, she loves playing golf and also attending courses on a variety of topics to continue to increase her knowledge and keep up to date with new ideas on how to make the most of life.  She has a particular interest in coaching individuals who wish to  improve their memory.

Jacqui can be reached at Jacqui@habitchangecoach.co.uk.