Awareness – Relationships

Being aware of how the other person is feeling is a great help in relationships.

In personal relationships how often are you aware of how your partner or loved one is feeling?

Do you take time to learn to be aware?

Do you ask your loved one to let them know how they are feeling so that you can check if you are correctly aware?

It is possible to develop awareness.  There are exercises to help you to become aware of how others are feeling.

Relationships whether they are romantic, business or friendship all benefit from you being correctly aware of how the other person is feeling.

Unwittingly you may say something that is interpreted wrongly and upsets the other person.  If you are aware, you can correct the mistake speedily by clarifying your awareness of the situation.

If you are not aware, this could lead to further and deeper problems with the relationship.

Misunderstandings are easy and by being aware, it is also easy to correct and clarify to ensure that both sides understand the same message.

It is wonderful to be aware and to use your awareness to ensure smooth relationships in all departments.

Being aware also helps to enhance relationships.

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