Awareness – The Self

Being aware of yourself is a vital ingredient for changing habits as well as for personal and spiritual development.

By looking in a mirror we can see ourselves, but do you ever look deeper than a fleeting glance?  Next time you have a minute to spare, go and look yourself in the eye.  What do you become aware of about yourself?

Would you like to make changes?  What kind of changes would you like to make?

By being aware of yourself, you have the knowledge to choose the changes you would like to make.

How often do you hear yourself speaking?  Have a conversation with a friend and ask if you can use a tape recorder.  If you prefer to tape yourself without speaking to someone else, either talk on a topic of your choice for a minute or read something on a topic that interests you.

Take a piece of paper and a pen and listen to yourself.  What do you become aware of first?  Make a note of it and the other things you become aware of the first time you listen to the tape.

How was your tone?  What feelings were you aware of in your expression?  What else were you aware of in your voice?

By being aware of how we sound can help us to hear what we portray to other people.  This is how others hear us – are you happy with your voice, or are there changes you would like to make?

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