Awareness – Emotions

Do you find yourself exploding sometimes – out of nowhere you suddenly erupt with angry tones and language when talking to someone?

When do you become aware that you are angry?

By being aware of your anger rising within you, it is possible to express your anger in a manageable way rather than exploding like a volcano.

It is a fascinating exercise to be aware of how you are feeling and watch for changes.  If you know you are going to have a difficult conversation, prepare for it beforehand by making a note of possible trigger words or phrases that will make your anger rise speedily.

Now that you are aware of the words, you will know, when you hear them, to take a deep breath and approach your anger in a measured way that is likely to bring a constructive rather than a possibly rude response.

The earlier we become aware of our emotions, the more we can choose how we express them.

If you are going to an event which you know will be enjoyable, be aware of when you feel particularly happy.

As you get better at becoming aware of feelings, you will have more choices on how to use the feelings for the best result.

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